Dr. Chetan Mehndiratta - GVHS 2021 Speaker

Global Virtual Healthcare Conference 2021 mainly focusses Digital Health and Clinical Innovation

Dr. Chetan Mehndiratta  - GVHS 2021 Speaker

Dr. Chetan Mehndiratta is currently working with Signutra as Head Medical Affairs, established medical department of Signutra and previously he has worked with Nestle & Ranbaxy. He has developed a strong relationship with National & International scientific leaders to drive scientific information through education & awareness in an ethical way. His extensive professional journey of 14 years covers several stellar achievements in his field of

specialty like collaboration with India’s biggest Tertiary care center for Hospital Training Certification for “Improved Child HealthHe has identified the knowledge-practice gap and has collaborated with scientific leaders at South Asia Region to develop 1st Recommendations on Nutrition in Pediatric Clinical Practiceand Consensus of Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabesity ( CoMeND ) in Adults: A South Asian Perspectivehave been accepted for publication in International Journals.

Having completed MD, PGDPV, Post Graduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition (Boston University, USA), Post Graduate Program in Clinical Nutrition (Royal College of Physician, UK), and Post Graduate Program in Women’s Health (EBCOG, Belgium), has more than 20 publications in National & International Indexed journals which include 8 publications in Medical Nutrition Therapy in different therapeutic areas. He was selected to grade International abstracts for the ISPE Conference 2013 & 2015. His special interest includes Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diabetes, Obesity, Critical care, and Pediatric Nutrition.